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You have many things which you need to manage.


You want to talk things over in total confidentiality with someone who is objective and outside your company. Someone who gets your issues and challenges and coaches you forward for focus and success. 

We coach. We are not consultants. There is a huge difference. You drive your results with a coach.

Our coaching with you will be highly focused, short high-impact sessions on an on-going basis. Again, it is highly confidential. Going in, we assume "you've got this" and might need some focus on change, insight, and execution in key areas. You drive it. All great athletes have a coach in their corner. So do most executives these days. Why shouldn't you?


We get you and are not generic vanilla "well, what do you think?" coaches. We have extensive experience working with all sorts of technology-intensive organizations. From large global companies around technology and IT to startups. we work with the C.E.O. or C-Suite executives.

C.E.O. and "C" - Level Leadership Coaching


  • Typically bi-weekly sessions of 1-2 hrs. & on-demand

  • Unlimited support contact through IM's, voice, email, & video

  • Longer sessions available for special events or upcoming meetings

Team and Individual Coaching


  • Typically weekly sessions of 1 hr. each & on-demand

  • Unlimited support contact through IM's, voice, email, & video

  • Team workshops

  • Individual assessments and coaching

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