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I have been working with app, tech, media and technology-intensive company executives, teams, and individuals for a while now. A long while. Very large complex organizations as well as pre-IPO and startups. My own background is running app, tech, media and proserv companies as a senior executive. I know what owning a P&L is like in public and private companies and having my ass on the line like you. 


I have probably walked in your shoes to some significant degree at least some of the time. I have scars to show for it, so I know what you are up against most of the time. I have had my hits and misses also. I own all that and bring my experience to you as your Certified and highly-trained coach and consultant. You're not getting a generic, content-free "what do you think" guy who asks you rote and mechanical open questions. I get your world. When I work with you, I am all in for you 24/7. Anytime. Anywhere.


Here's the thing:  I am passionate about all this and have worked with many hundreds of people in different settings, organizations, and life stages, coaching them to obtain clarity and focus for accelerated growth and results.

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