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Good question.


Nope. And no, the question doesn't offend us.


Most large technology-intensive organizations and tech startups use coaches these days.


Why? Boards, investors and C.E.Os and C-Suite players, and executives see coaching as an invaluable competitive advantage. It's a relatively low-cost investment with high R.O.I, increasing everyone's odds of success. Exponentially. Your Board, Management Teams, and mentors help you most of the time. But they realize that it’s your show and want to support you fully.


So why coaching for you, specifically?


There are important things only you think about. You want someone to listen and guide your thinking in a structured way. Someone to help you kick your own tires. Figuring out how you can show up to yourself and others much more effectively. With much greater impact. In doing so, you don’t want to share with anyone inside or outside the company except with your coach. Anything large or small thing, but which you feel impacts your performance. You have all the answers. But you know that. We simply work with you to clarify, focus, and overcome obstacles to success and execute at a new level of performance.


We love working with people large, complex organizations as well as pre-IPO and start-ups. We have walked in your shoes. Nothing is more intense or exciting for us. We have worked with all types of executives and teams. We own all that and bring our experience to you as your coach.



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